Glimray is India’s latest, biggest and most happening location for establishing a business network. Glimray is a simple commercial network, that allows the user to create an engaging business profile and a smart catalog. All commercial/corporate content (photographs, videos, product data) can be passed on securely to the trusted connections who can then pass it onto their connections with ease.

As all the data is managed centrally and disseminated electronically accurate information about user’s products are available to their primary as well as secondary connections just as soon as they load them. The best part is that the catalogs are extremely smart – they readjust according to the user viewing them. An authorized dealer sees a particular product on the catalog, for example, while a regular retailer does not (if he is not authorized to).

The network allows user to send rich media content to their partners with a great degree of customization – they can broadcast separate offers to different customer segments! The communication is completely bilateral allowing them to receive valuable downstream feedback as well.

Founders: Sidharth Das, Ankur Gupta