BONO is a peer-to-peer ride-sharing (Car/Bike Pooling) platform that enables people to travel together. BONO connects people with similar travel requirements and helps save travel costs. Apart from the monetary benefit of sharing costs, BONO’s users also get to know how much CO2 emissions they have prevented (with the help of BONO’s proprietary algorithm). Hence […]

Circuit Sutra CircuitSutra is an Electronics System Level(ESL) design and services company, headquartered in India, with R&D centers in Noida and Bangalore, catering to customers worldwide. It enables customers to adopt advanced methodologies based on C, C++, SystemC, TLM, IP-XACT, UVM-SystemC, SystemC-AMS, Verilog-AMS. Its core competencies include Virtual Prototype (Development, Verification, Deployment), Architecture & Performance […]

Fintech Labs FinTech Labs builds digital infrastructure to enable Lending. It offers Software as a Service to Fintech companies in the lending space. Some of its offerings are Digital Lending Software, P2P Lendng Software, Bank Statements Analysis Software etc. Founders: Vishal Sahu and Vipul Rawal

Precily AI Precily AI is a text analysis tool powered by AI, NLP & Deep Learning modules. The engine is capable of analyzing business documents, legal documents, research papers. Within Text Analysis Aura (Precily AI) is capable of doing entity extraction, sentiment analysis, text clustering, concept extraction, custom tag summarization, comparing multiple documents & extracting relevant […]

Voxomos Our goal is to transform consumer experience and businesses through  intelligent solutions based on modern machine learning and signal processing techniques. For us  a “Smart”  world solution is one  which is more human friendly,  environment friendly and makes innovative use of technology . Our solutions are driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning Neural Nets, Statistical […]

Rail Yatri is the premier portal for Indian Railways train travelers. The fastest, mobile friendly site that answers your train travel question in a few taps. A Comprehensive hub of train travel information that works to give its users insightful information, all under one roof, to help them plan and take their train travel […]

Campus on Cloud Quampus is an e-learning delivery and monetization platform for all kinds of learning providers be it Individual Teachers, Coaching or Tutoring Centers, Training Companies, Schools, Colleges, Universities or L&D Departments of large organizations. It is an end-to-end platform having a comprehensive eco-system to manage the entire value chain activities of an e-learning […]

SHELLIOS is building the next-gen Smart Helmets, solving the problems that today’s riders face with pollution, heat, and communication. Many of us have driven motorcycles and scooters at some point of time. Currently, helmets are being used by 2 wheeler riders to predominantly serve the basic need of safety only. It’s like carrying a piece […]

Agatsa Agatsa Software created world’s first lead-less 12 lead ECG to monitor health of the heart and fitness level. The credit-card sized device is a low power rechargeable device which connects wirelessly and runs on all compatible smartphones. In the event of chest pain, users can record the ECG and share it instantly with a […]

Rimus Technologies Rimus Technologies is a consulting startup founded by team of professionals with industry experience of 20+ years, encompassing diverse technologies like Mobility, Information Security, Network Management and Telecom domains. RIMUS facilitates end-to-end product development services for Mobile apps (Android, iOS & Blackberry) Information/Data Security,Web Technologies. Founder: Madhu Bajpai