Electrifi T3 – Accelerator Program in Travel, Tourism and Transportation

  1. India is increasing its huge potential in Tourism, aided by increasing popularity of Brand India in the world. Is India ready to meet it?
  2. eCommerce and Digitization happened first time in Travel – IRCTC, Makemytrip, Yatra were the early drivers on mass scale. Can the new age travel like EV, Autonomous vehicle and dedicated corridor be far behind?
  3. With immense opportunities for efficiency and potential for cost reduction, is Transportation on the cusp of disruption?

All the three sectors have huge potential in organizing the industry and could shape it the way we don’t recognize it today. Not to say, these are also the sectors to create huge number of jobs, thus impacting life positively.

Sub categories under the above sectors are

  • Travel – Airlines, Rail, Bus, Car, Truck, Water transport, Spacecraft, EV
  • Tourism – Tour Packages, itinerary management, Forex Aggregation
  • Transportation – Logistics, Supply Chain & Warehouses, Drone
  • Engines – Pricing, Payments, Credit
  • Entertainment – Virtual Experiences, Shopping, sight-seeing
  • Informational – Tourist Mart, Guide Services, Rating Systems, Back-end Live Information Databases, Loyalty programs
  • Horizontal Technologies – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), Internet-of-things (IOT), Block-chain, AR/VR, Facial Recognition technology, Robots, Voice Activated services, Chat-bots

If you are seeing the next wave of disruptive solutions like we do, join us to be part of the program, that will curate the founders working on the specific solutions.

Key highlights of the program are

  1. Seed funding each selected startup with INR 2 to 30 Lacs
  2. 12 weeks program, one day / week intervention
  3. Deep corporate connect – giving market access with qualified leads
  4. Deep engagement with sector and business mentors
  5. Refined Go-To-Market Strategy with test market and course correction
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